6 effective ways to coexist with epilepsy

Epilepsy is one of those chronic conditions that have the ability to disrupt an individual’s life. It even presents a series of dangerous situations as the individual with epilepsy is vulnerable to seizures that can occur at any time, at any place. Living with epilepsy is quite difficult for the person and their family, and the fact that there’s no cure for this condition can make leading a normal life incredibly difficult.

For an individual with epilepsy, the onus lies on being seizure free with minimal side effects as that’s the ultimate achievement for someone dealing with this condition. In addition to the anti-epileptic medication that doctors often prescribe to people with epilepsy, there are various other effective ways of living a seemingly normal life with epilepsy. These tips coupled with appropriate treatment methods would go a long way in helping people deal with epilepsy.

Maintain an epilepsy diary
One of the best ways to keep a track of the epileptic seizures that one experiences is to maintain an epilepsy diary. You need to write down when the seizures occur what happens and what you were doing then. You have to be very precise about noting the seizures and have to mention whether you experienced any strange sensations and the frequency of the same. This proves quite beneficial in helping your health care provider understand your “seizure profile”. Moreover, it is essential to note any side effects that you can possibly experience due to the anti-epileptic drugs and report it to your doctor.

Build a qualified health care team
You can create a health care team of your own which consists of your doctors, nurses, pharmacist, and caregivers. Your health care team will take care of the different aspects of epilepsy and ensure that you experience fewer problems related to epilepsy. In case you have trouble controlling the seizures, you can visit a physician that specializes in epilepsy. An epileptologist will be more equipped to handle your health condition.

Make the most of your appointments
Ensure that you keep your epilepsy diary up-to-date and visit your physician at regular intervals. However, you need to make more of these appointments and work with the doctor to make improvements in your treatment. Inform them about any discomfort you face due to the medications and discuss the side-effects with the doctor.

Get enough sleep
It is imperative that you get enough good sleep every day as sleep deprivation is known to trigger seizures. Even when people have seizure control, lack of sleep can still increase the instances of seizure and it becomes difficult to control such seizures.

Avoid alcohol
It is not advisable to consume alcohol if you are taking anti-epileptic medications. There are high chances that alcohol can interfere with the medications and can reduce its impact. Moreover, consuming a large amount of alcohol can increase the risk of seizures and can trigger seizures. So, consult with your doctor before you decide that drinking a little won’t hurt.

Find support
Living with epilepsy is quite difficult, which is why support from people who understand the condition is always welcome. Consider joining a support group where you can meet people who have epilepsy. You can learn different coping methods from the other members of the group and give your inputs as well.