5 Everyday Foods that can Cause Breathing Problems

While we all encounter breathing problems during our lives (due to a common cold or allergies), some chronic conditions, such as severe asthma or COPD, can lead to dangerous symptoms. These symptoms are often triggered by environmental factors. For instance, they may also be seasonal (i.e., triggered by plants or pollen). However, certain foods may also trigger breathing issues. Here are five foods that can instigate trouble:

1. Acidic foods and drinks
These products produce acid which should remain in the stomach. Sometimes they come back up and cause a condition known as acid reflux. It is also commonly called heartburn. Acid is not where it is supposed to be in the body. One of the symptoms is difficulty breathing. Basically the acid produces a burning feeling. It can produce a sensation that is described as taking away your breath. Avoid caffeine and any food that triggers the breathing problem.

2. Cold cuts
Foods such as bacon and ham have nitrates as additives. Companies put these substances in their products for color or to extend the expiration date. Unfortunately, they have the side effect of producing problems with the lungs. Anyone suffering from asthma needs to limit their intake of cold cuts. Be careful as a small amount of this product can start a breathing issue.

3. Carbonated beverages
It appears based upon observation and experience that consuming significant quantities of sodas that are carbonated cause lung problems. They put pressure on the lungs. This is the result of the production of gas which leads to bloating. A person is more likely to experience breathing problems when drinking sodas on a regular basis. Anyone with asthma should severely limit their intake of these beverages.

4. Dairy products
Cow’s milk can produce mucus which can block the airways. This will lead to shortness of breath. Anyone who has asthma generally needs to avoid dairy products. They also can trigger allergies which inevitably lead to the same result. A person can suddenly have difficulty catching their breath. Dairy products are one of the most common causes of food allergies. When the allergic reaction sets in, symptoms include coughing which almost always affects the ability to breathe properly.

5. Excessive salt
Too much salt causes the body to retain excess water. Too much water leads to swelling which is not good for the lungs. A person can generally determine through experience how much salt is too much. In general, do not add salt to foods. Shaking salt on all foods is a habit that is not conducive to good health for the lungs and body. Foods naturally have enough salt without aggravating the problem.

A person with breathing concerns has to be very careful with their diet. The above five food choices illustrate the problems that can occur. Watch your food intake and protect your lungs.

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