5 effective home remedies for rosacea flare-ups

Living a seemingly normal life with a chronic skin condition is an extremely difficult task. Managing the sudden flare-ups to finding the right skin products for sensitive skin is time-consuming and requires a lot of patience. Moreover, the misconceptions surrounding these skin conditions can make it difficult for the individual to come to terms with the condition. One such chronic skin condition that is known to affect middle-aged women and cause reddened skin on the cheeks and nose is rosacea. It usually affects people with fair skin and becomes more prominent with age.

Rosacea can start from the cheeks and nose, and later spread to the forehead, chest, back, ears, and even eyelids in severe cases. Though there is no permanent cure for rosacea, there are certain natural remedies that can prevent the flare-ups and keep the condition under control. These effective home remedies are as follows:

Aloe vera
Aloe vera is one of the most effective home remedies that is used to treat a variety of skin conditions due to the plethora of medicinal properties it possesses. Many moisturizers contain aloe vera as the gel from the inner leaf of the plant is emollient and moisturizing. Moreover, aloe vera has soothing properties which makes it the perfect treatment for rosacea flare-ups. All you have to do is gently massage the gel into the skin and leave it on for as long as possible. However, just try a patch test before you apply it directly to larger areas to ensure that you aren’t allergic to the gel.

Green tea
Green tea is an incredible way to curb rosacea flare-ups. It is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce the inflammation and redness around the affected areas. So, make a cup of green tea and keep it in the fridge for the next 40-45 minutes. After the waiting period, take a clean cloth and soak it in the cup. Massage the affected area with the cloth and continue this routine every day for prominent results.

Raw honey
Rosacea flare-ups can worsen if the skin loses its moisture and becomes dry. In such cases, honey, especially raw honey comes to the rescue. Raw honey possesses hydrating qualities and helps the skin maintain its moisture. Studies have indicated that a type of honey called kanuka honey has proven to be quite effective against rosacea. All you have to do is apply it in small amounts directly to the affected area.

Turmeric has been used as a natural remedy since ages due to the vital medicinal properties it possesses. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory in nature and is highly recommended to bring painful and inflamed rosacea symptoms under control. You will have to use turmeric with essential oil that is diluted in a carrier oil. You can even try mixing turmeric powder with water and applying it directly to your skin.

Oatmeal can soothe your irate skin as it possesses cooling properties. It is one of the oldest remedies for treating rosacea. Oatmeal can strengthen the skin and reduce the water loss, locking in the moisture that plays a major role in keeping flare-ups at bay. Moreover, it is quite effective in relieving the itching sensation that accompanies these flare-ups.