Effective ways to manage morning sickness

Morning sickness is a combination of nausea and vomiting most women experience during the first trimester of their pregnancy. It is a normal response of the body. Some women might experience it early in the morning while others tend to experience the discomfort throughout the day at varied but consistent intervals.

There are no known causes of morning sickness except for the fact that hormonal changes in the body during a routine pregnancy end up triggering the condition. Here are a few easy ways to manage different levels of morning sickness.

Fresh Scent
Sniff a freshly cut lemon to counter the effects of morning sickness. The phenomenon is normally associated and triggered due to smells in your surrounding environment. However, smelling a citrus rich fruit like lemon will ease the discomfort to some extent. It is also a good idea to keep a bottle of lemon extract or a sprig of fresh rosemary with you during the morning sickness phase.

Tracking the nausea
It is important to keep track of your nausea. The queasiness does not come and go at random intervals as there multiple triggers that can aggravate morning sickness. Often, you might experience nausea and associated symptoms at the same time every day. Keeping track of the condition will help you identify the trigger and avoid suffering from frequent bouts of nausea.

Staying hydrated
Studies show that staying properly hydrated throughout the day will help you counter the symptoms to a great extent. The more dehydrated one is, the higher are their chances of suffering from morning sickness. It is crucial that an expecting mother gulps down the recommended eight glasses per day. One of the easy ways to trick the body into believing it needs more water is snacking on salty treats to invoke thirst.

Make your own diet
Loved ones will mostly ask the expectant mother to follow the rules and regulations the doctor has set in place. But when one suffers from frequent bouts of morning sickness, it is necessary to take a step back and revisit the recommended diet. There is a good chance that something one might have had for breakfast, lunch or even dinner is the trigger. Identify the foods and beverages that seem to make you sick and eliminate them from the diet plan or simply find healthier and better alternatives. Note that every woman will have a different preference when it comes down to picking the foods that the body craves during pregnancy.

Be expressive
Talking about morning sickness to your loved ones will help them understand and remove the objects in and around the house that triggers the condition with the smell. One must be vocal about what makes them uncomfortable and request the people around to adjust accordingly. The little changes made in and around the house during the tenure of the pregnancy will also help with the overall health of the mother.

Get rest
The body will undergo many changes to support and nurture the growth of the unborn fetus. It is solely the mother’s responsibility to a large extent to ensure that her body gets the required amount of rest to ride out the critical months of pregnancy later in the second and third trimester.


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