4 major lifestyle changes that can reverse erectile dysfunction

Human beings are intricate beings and experience a whole array of emotions and needs that are integral to their nature. One of the most basic emotions that humans feel is love and their most basic need is connected to this emotion—sexual gratification. Men and women are not just meant to procreate, they are wired to make the most of this experience. However, there are instances when one’s sexual life suffers a setback due to certain unforeseen circumstance. One such factor that interferes with one’s need for an eventful sexual life is erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is characterized by the individual’s inability to have an erection or sustain it throughout the sexual act. This problem can affect anyone irrespective of their age and is temporary. The causes of erectile dysfunction can be dealt with easily, and the condition is reversible. Mostly, over-indulgence in alcohol, stress, anxiety, and depression are linked to erectile dysfunction and dealing with these conditions can help one deal with erectile dysfunction.

The following tips will help one treat erectile dysfunction and lead a satisfying sex life.

Exercise daily
A sedentary lifestyle can have a major impact on one’s sex life and often indirectly leads to erectile dysfunction. To combat the effects of an erroneous lifestyle on one’s sex life, it is advisable to exercise daily. Exercising on a regular basis will improve the blood flow, which is quite essential for a strong erection, and improves the blood pressure as well. Exercise works similar to how Viagra works, and it won’t have any side-effects as other medications do. Also, performing weight-bearing exercises can help increase the production of testosterone which can improve one’s sexual drive and erectile strength.

Follow a healthy diet
It is not advisable to undermine the effect a healthy diet can have on one’s sex life. Adhering to a diet rich in veggies, fruits, whole grains, and fish can dramatically improve one’s capacity to have an erection and sustain it throughout the act. Also, it will be more beneficial to reduce the consumption of red meat and refined grains as it will eliminate the chances of recurrence of erectile dysfunction in the future.

Quit smoking
For several men, erectile dysfunction is often caused by smoking, and getting rid of this habit proves instrumental in reversing the condition. This holds true in cases where erectile dysfunction is the result of vascular disease where the blood supply to the penis is restricted. This happens as the arteries become narrow or are blocked. Even the smokeless tobacco can lead to the narrowing of the blood vessels and have similar negative effects.

Sleep well
Though not many are aware of this fact but disturbed sleep patterns can often lead to erectile dysfunction. There is an intricate relationship between sleep and the level of sex hormones (like testosterone) and sexual functions. When an individual doesn’t get enough sleep, it affects the secretion of these sex hormones which control the person’s libido and can have a severe impact on getting and sustaining an erection. So, it is essential to ensure that one adheres to a regular sleep schedule as the hormone secretion is controlled by the body’s internal clock, and any deviance in the same can have a detrimental impact on the release of the sex hormones.