Healthy Snacks to Fight Cancer

With over 100 types of cancer causing pain and discomfort for those fighting the disease, any relief a cancer patient can access is a blessing. Amidst treatments and therapies like chemo and radiation, cancer fighters need access to any available resources that will help them win their battle. Among those resources are tasty, convenient snacks that help mitigate the side effects of chemo and radiation. Below are a few great snack options that help cancer fighters become cancer survivors:

1. Peanut butter jelly time

You won’t just be humming that catchy little jingle. You will also be taking a smack at your annoying cancer. Let your lips snack away on peanut butter sandwiches with natural fruit jelly. The peanuts give you needed protein, while the fruit offers numerous essential nutrients. Plus, you now have the “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” song to help you laugh away some of those worries. If you cannot stand the song, take it off on your cancer. 

2. Say cheese

Cheese is a convenient snack that can be prepared and paired in several convenient ways. It is perfect for snacking and the calcium is great for your strength. It provides calcium, protein, healthy fat and several vitamins and nutrients. Combine sliced cheese with crackers, or cube up your cheese to serve alone or with grapes. A cancer diet can and should be full of great snacking options that leave you smiling. 

3. Shake it up

Both milkshakes and smoothies provide great snack options, when you are looking for a tasty treat that also helps with chemo and radiation side effects. The milkshakes are loaded with all types of nutrients, and the smoothies come packed with nutritious options like fruit and supplements. 

4. Fight the yuck with yogurt

The therapies used to fight cancer can leave you feeling nauseous and sick to your stomach. Yogurt is a great, healthy snack option that helps with that yucky feeling in your stomach. Yogurt is full of probiotics that help with both nausea and digestion. Yogurt is easier than ever to enjoy with markets offering it up in all sorts of serving sizes. Numerous cancer killing foods can be mixed in with the yogurt to change up the flavor and texture. 

5. Snuggle up with hot chocolate

Chemotherapy and radiation may leave you feeling tired and lethargic. To avoid the pitfalls of fatigue that can result in depression, consider a nice cup of antioxidant rich hot chocolate at the end of the day to boost your mood, while you relax and celebrate the fact that you are winning. Chocolate is always a winner.